Curating a new association event and seeing it come to fruition is exciting. Yes, logistically a new event can be a lot of work but the pay off is so worth it! There’s nothing more exciting then creating a new event that excites members and illuminates the value of the association’s membership; while creating a bit of #FOMO (Fear of Missing Out!) to potential new members.


But to create buzz for the new event requires a strategic approach marketing-wise to reach and engage targeted audiences in a timely manner to help ensure success of the new event.


Here’s the top tips on how to effectively market a new association event:

  1. Define Clear Objectives from the Get-Go!

Identify the main objective of the event including theme, and attendance goals. Is the event centered around education, new member recruitment, or social networking opportunities for members. Once the main objective is defined then build the marketing campaign around it to secure the attendance and results the association requires.

  1. Develop a Comprehensive Marketing Plan & Timelines

Plan and schedule your marketing activities leading up to the event, including announcements, reminders, and follow-ups. Promote the event on the association’s social media platforms. Determine if budget allows for any digital marketing across the association’s social platforms to reach broader audiences and create more buzz for the inaugural event.

  1. Leverage Multiple Channels

Utilize your association’s email list to send targeted and tailored eblasts about the event. Track registrants and update your targeted email distribution lists to ensure registration reminders only go to those not registered. Nothing more annoying then getting multiple emails about an event you’ve already registered for and are now looking for event specifics as you get closer to it.

Also, include compelling subject lines to ensure key audiences open and actually read the emails.

  1. Engage Influencers and Ambassadors for Bigger Reach and Impact

Partner with industry influencers or well-known personalities within the membership who can help promote the event to their followers via their social media platforms. Encourage them to do fun reels encouraging members to register. Their message should include the “why” members should attend and create some #FOMO if they decide not to come (and hopefully change their mind!).

  1. Offer Early Bird Discounts and Incentives

Provide discounts or special incentives such as Early Bird Discounts  for early registrants to encourage sign-ups. A discount goes a long way, and a deadline helps to encourage members to register sooner than later.


Planning and executing a new event can be exciting for not just the association leaders and staff but also for new members as it brings something new and interesting to the membership table. Be sure to check in with members before deciding upon new events to see where their interests are and what type of events they are ‘thirsty’ for.


By using the following tips you’ll help to ensure your inaugural association event gets the member mindshare desired and will help to ensure it is a great success and something to build upon for the future.


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