Email Marketing is an excellent tool for an association marketing strategy. It allows you to connect with your members and helps you to engage and attract new members. 

What is Email Marketing? 

It is a digital marketing tool/channel where you can provide different promos, announcements, or news to your subscribers/members through their email addresses.  

How Benefits an Association? 

Besides keeping the members updated on other news about the industry and the association. There are other key benefits of email marketing including:  

  1.  Increase Awareness: You can create original and personalized content for your members to see, which will be more in line with an association’s branding. And will allow you to grab your member’s attention more easily. Having a well-designed email with images, videos, GIFs, infographics, etc., instead of plain text will make the reading more fun and interesting. 
  2. Increase membership: Member recruitment is key to any association. Highlight the value of the association’s membership and its benefits to attract new members. This will also help to reinforce to existing members the value of their membership too.  
  3. Be more visible: If the association has a website, you can get more traffic to your site by creating a traffic email-specific campaign. When you create great content, your members will find it appealing. They will want to know more about you and your news. This is when email marketing comes in handy. You can have customized information designed to drive your members to the website and interact with it. 
  4. A communication channel: Communicating with your members is the key to success. When your members feel like you are easy to reach and talk to, they are more likely to remain members. Use surveys to collect their feedback and better understand how the members view the association and its current offerings.  
  5. Targeted Email Marketing:   Another benefit of email marketing is how you can create different eblasts and email distribution lists for specific targets. This will help you focus your content on the right members and their interests.  

Different marketing tools nowadays exist, but email marketing is an easy and effective way to reach and interact with members and to deliver consistent and timely information.  

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