As Bill Gates once said, “Content is King.” High-quality content creation must be curated for your association to generate a presence and have a positive impact on your industry and key stakeholders.  

 An excellent way to connect, engage, inform, and attract current and potential customers within your association is through content. Creating an impactful and thoughtfully planned content strategy can help you achieve an atmosphere of helpful and useful information for your staff and clients.  


Steps for Elevate Your Association’s Content Creation Strategy 

Before diving into all the steps, you need to know that content creation is not just posting content daily. It is an outline to achieve your association’s goals through a marketing strategy and connect with your target audiences. 

1. Set a Clear Goal for Your Content

Whether you want to grow your audience, announce a new product, or engage with your staff. You should know what your end game is including what you want to achieve through consistent messaging and tactics.   

 Doing so would make everything more straightforward for your team and yourself to follow. 

2. Get the Right Audience

Getting it to the right target is key when you plan a content strategy. If you have great content but send it to the wrong audience, then you will not achieve the results you desire.  

Listening to your audience and tailoring the message to them will help you resonate more with them.  That will create a parameter for you to know which content is right for your audience.

3. Where Do You Want to Be Seen 

For every content strategy, you have to plan where you want to share your content. It has to be cohesive with your association’s branding and niche. Share it in different formats: videos, blogs, podcasts, etc.  

You can use a variety of free and paid tools on the Internet to create great content. You can play around and be creative with what you want to transmit.  

As an association, you must find a style and a voice that can distinguish you from the others. That will make your audience know who your association is and differentiate you from a sea of content. 

4. Create Engaging Content 

Engaging content is key to maintaining your audience wanting to know more about you. You can use different topics or tactics to keep everybody interested in your content. 

This is the time for your association to be original and create all the content you want to inform. But be careful… ensure all the content you create is relevant to your audience.  

You can use tools on the Internet or search engines to help you with topic ideas and discover the most searched terms and trending topics of the moment.

5. Get everyone involve

An excellent opportunity to create exciting content for your association is through a collaborative process. You can have each association department contribute a topic or idea to create better content. 

This will involve creating a roadmap to capture everyone’s input and enable you to create more targeted content.

6. Feedback is essential 

Like we said before, listen to what your audience wants. This will ensure you get the best results or be in a better position to tweak your content to resonate better with key audiences.  

From there, you can construct a report including all the data you gathered and update your content strategy where needed. A content strategy should be fluid to allow changes in the industry or to update emerging trends. You will know which content is best to focus on once you have collected your data and updated it quarterly.  



Once you create your content plan, it will give you a snapshot of what content you want to share with stakeholders to achieve your goals.  

A critical success factor in content creation is to have patience. You have to test your content with your audience and follow the feedback to see the desired results in the future. And do regular check-ins to see what is working and what is not.