The fall is a busy time for everyone. Summer vacation is ending and students go back to school. Suddenly, your inbox, calendar, and to do list are all overflowing. That’s why when planning your fall membership renewal campaign, it is crucial to provide succinct information on the benefits of renewing as a member. This will ensure your members are aware of deadlines and confident that their renewal will add value to their lives both personally and professionally.

While working within an association it can be quite evident what the vision, mission and core benefits of membership are, but that is not always evident to members new or old. Newer members may not know all the benefits yet, and long-time members may not be aware of the newer programs available. Therefore, its important to highlight the benefits of membership in your renewal communication. This will draw in new members and ensure your current members stay committed to your association.

The Beautiful Thing About Learning is That Nobody Can Take It Away From You

A primary function of many associations is to provide professional development opportunities. Whether your association mandates a set quantity or not, engaging in the growth of knowledge and skills related to your profession can inspire you, improve your performance, and open new opportunities for advancement. Learning opportunities can also keep your knowledge up to date as there are always new products and tools which become available that can help you perform your duties faster and more accurately than in the past.

Taking the time to educate yourself on these new developments can pay big dividends to keep ahead of your competitors and provide superior services to your clients. If you are an employer enrolling your staff in sessions can also be an effective way to develop their skills as well without having to develop your own training content. This can also inspire employees to bring back new ideas which could benefit everyone within your business. Continuing education sessions can also provide great networking opportunities.

Your Network is Your Net Worth

Networking provides tremendous membership value. Whether in-person or online, any event can be a great way to connect with suppliers, industry leaders, and potential new clients. This is why it’s always good to be ready with a digital business card so that you can conveniently pass on or retain contact information whether you’re meeting in person or virtually. Networking can also help you build your business connections and raise your profile across your industry. It can also be a great way to connect with mentors which can give you advice and perspective on problems you may be encountering within your field.

This can be a great way to solve issues and answer questions you might have. It can also be a great way for those new to the field to meet with potential employers or business partners. When engaging in association events you can also develop long lasting relationships professionally and beyond. You may be surprised how much you have in common with others in your field. Though the benefits may seem obvious; networking does not always come naturally. So, make the effort to engage with your association and maximize the value it can provide for you.

Alone We Can Do So Little; Together We Can Do So Much

Let your members know about opportunities to volunteer. This can be another great way for members to find value in their membership. This can be a great way to earn learning units for free as most associations will give credit for volunteer work. Networking while you volunteer can also build far more genuine connections with other members. This can be a fast track to building stronger bonds with key leaders in your community. It’s also a great way to impact change in your association. If there is a broken mechanism, volunteer to fix it and provide a solution or service that benefits everyone. This is how you can go from being simply a member to being regarded as a respected industry leader. This may lead to other opportunities such as joining a committee, or even the board of directors.

Whether for learning, networking, mentorship, or necessity, there are many benefits of membership so as you prepare this year’s renewal campaign be sure to let your members know the value their membership provides them. This will ensure that your campaign is a success and hopefully will ignite the spark that will fuel successful engaging events for your association in the year to come.