We are now living in a frequently evolving world where there are constant changes taking place all the time, all around us. Having easy, quick access to information that will help individuals in their industry and careers is of utmost importance to ensure that the highest standards are met, and customers are receiving the best customer service possible.

Membership within an association has so many advantages but sometimes members do not see that, and it is up to the association to make members aware of the benefits. An association collects all relevant information to a specific industry professional in one place and offers many added benefits. These benefits need to be highlighted to attract new members and to ensure that existing members renew. The member benefits can be broken down into the following three categories.

1. Professional Development

  • Learning the best practices and having access to the newest research available is important as this ensures that members can keep their high standards of practice by being able to perform their duties with the latest technology and knowledge available.
  • Keeping members updated on industry changes helps them become aware of what practices or laws are obsolete or have become modified and which ones have been added.
  • Some associations have PD events and webinars for members which help to increase their profiles and knowledge. This is a great way to encourage engagement which will aid in learning new materials.

2. Enhance Member Networks

  • Sharing ideas and asking for advice from peers is always a good way for members to learn the best way to improve their professional skills and performance. Having a network of resources makes this an easier task.
  • Networking opportunities for members are always a great way to spread business to other companies that may offer some different services and find ways for members to increase their own business.

3. Opportunities for Members to Become More Involved in Their Industry or Profession

  • Volunteering at events is a great way to meet more people that are in the same industry and a way to be able to encourage them to join as members.
  • Joining at the board level is perfect for learning how to solve industry issues, become a decision maker and make a difference in a profession or industry.

Creating surveys is a good way to get feedback from members about any new ideas they have for the association. This is also helpful in determining new trends and adapting existing practices to stay relevant.

Belonging to an association is important and the benefits are many. By allowing a membership to lapse, members are missing out on great opportunities, events, learning materials and even putting their license to practice their career in jeopardy. Don’t forget to inform members not to miss the due date!