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Melanie E. Tsouras

Association Coordinaor


Melanie brings an unparalleled level of organization and confidence to Strauss. She works closely with the President & CEO, Jonathan Strauss, to deliver consistent client and board satisfaction. Melanie’s attention to detail and dependability encourages her to succeed in board administration, accounts payable, and as an executive assistant.

As a lady of many hats, Melanie is a master multitasker. She spends her days managing Strauss’ calendars, finances, and travel, working with association boards, and balancing all clients’ accounts payable. With her background in Kinesiology and her experience working in clinics and with teaching, Melanie puts determination and dedication into everything she does. She is trusted to train new staff on administrative duties and is recognized for her ability to meet deadlines and exceed expectations. She is also a dedicated team member and will tackle any challenge thrown her way.

Her favourite part about working at Strauss is being on-site for meetings and events. She appreciates in-person meetings and loves getting to know association members on a personal level. A highly efficient and client-focused worker, Melanie can run an event registration table like a well-oiled machine.

Melanie is somewhat of a “foodie” and regularly supports new and local restaurants. She is always on board for staff potlucks!

She is a strong leader and demonstrates unmistakable confidence in herself and in her work. Melanie is also proud to say that she has managing clients’ on-site schedules down to a science and thoroughly enjoys working at each annual conference and event she has the pleasure of attending.

In her spare time, Melanie likes to bake and cook. She is also somewhat of a “foodie” and regularly supports new and local restaurants. This lefty also enjoys being outside during the hot summer months, playing sports, travelling, and spending time with her friends and growing family.

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