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Melanie N. Gagic

Accounting Clerk 


With experience in administration, customer service, and finance, Melanie’s contribution to the Strauss staff is extremely valuable. In her role as our Accounting Clerk, Melanie’s strong attention to detail allows her to be precise when collecting, verifying, and entering invoices. Her high standard for organization is another asset when ensuring that client records are filed and organized in compliance with Strauss’ records and retention policy.

Self motivated and eager to learn new things, Melanie takes pride in her ability to manage multiple clients while ensuring they all feel valued. With an educational background in criminology, political science, and management, Melanie utilizes her communication skills, accuracy, and her ability to stay calm in stressful situations to create and maintain organized financial systems. In a past position,

Melanie once designed and implemented a new cash-out procedure in her cash office, saving her cash office three hours a day. Melanie succeeds in her role by taking initiative, communicating clearly, and setting regular goals for herself to improve.

Melanie might be psychic! She often dreams of the events of the next day, and her premonitions are accurate!

In her spare time, Melanie enjoys spending time with her family, practicing yoga, and gardening. She also loves travel and has been to over 10 countries! She especially loved visiting Venice, and how picturesque the entire city was. As an avid walker, she enjoyed that Venice was a pedestrian-only city, and she was able to walk the entire city in 20 minutes!

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