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Geoff A. Powell

Senior Association Manager
(204) 975-8205

Geoff’s ability to connect and build trust with clients is unparalleled. He is always the first to ask about your family, your vacation, or your business. Showing a genuine interest in each individual member has resulted in over 20 years of association success with Strauss.

Whether fulfilling board actions, attending board meetings, or working with clients to achieve strategic priorities, Geoff always strives for success. He prides himself on his communication skills and his integrity. As an outstanding public speaker and a driven team player, Geoff is always one step ahead of the game. He has several long-standing relationships with local and national clients who can always count on him to step up to the plate and achieve success.

Utilizing his background in car sales, collections, and restaurant management, Geoff is equipped with the tools to overcome challenges and act with confidence in stressful situations. Geoff also holds a Bachelor of Commerce from the University of Manitoba.

Geoff is inspired by speaker David Allison. His session on valuegraphics shifted Geoff’s perspective on how people make decisions and how demographic and culture have an impact on decision making.

As an outdoor fanatic, Geoff can likely be found on a 20 km bike ride, paddle boarding, windsurfing, skiing, or playing soccer. Geoff and his dog Oakley, being the only two men in the family, often go on these adventures together. Geoff also loves visiting the mountains for ski trips with his wife and two daughters for quality family time.

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