Should Your Association Conduct a Needs Assessment?

By |2023-02-13T13:05:32-06:00November 10th, 2022|

Within every association, there is a need to evaluate what is currently being achieved against what is desired to be achieved. The evaluation could be focused on individual performance, educational resources, and committee production, among endless other possibilities. There are several ways to determine what areas need to be [...]

Where Did I Save That? – Increase Efficiency with A Standardized File Structure

By |2021-05-13T11:30:41-05:00February 18th, 2016|

Anyone who has ever taken over a position from someone else knows that everyone has a unique way of filing electronic documents. Saving a file in one place may make sense to me but is not necessarily logical to my colleague. This issue came to the forefront in our [...]

How Good Is Your Association Record Keeping?

By |2021-04-26T08:22:54-05:00December 17th, 2015|

A standardized file folder naming system, for both electronic and hard copy/paper documents, has many benefits that go beyond making it easier to find things, such as efficiency in training new staff, and reduced misfiling. Below is an overview of the system used by Strauss for association record keeping [...]

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