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Lynn F. Hupe

(204) 975-8212

As a valued part of Strauss’ financial team, Lynn provides precise and timely accounting services with accuracy. With over 35 years of experience in the financial field, Lynn can balance the books of many of our association partners. Even with all that skillful experience, Lynn is still open to learning something new every day.

Extensive experience and education have led Lynn to become a highly skilled accountant. She previously worked with various organizations, helping them get back on track financially and installing confidence in their ability to remain financially stable. Lynn is focused and driven; she consistently meets deadlines and surpasses client expectations. She is also always glad to share knowledge and help others in their roles. Lynn is proud to be able to assist Strauss’ partners with accounting and help them feel financially at ease.

Lynn has been volunteering for the Brazil Pavilion at Folklarama for over 15 years!

In her free time, Lynn likes to unwind by watching movies and going to football games. She has been a Blue Bombers fan for over 20 years! Lynn’s favourite vacation has been to the west coast, in Vancouver. She loved sitting by the water and listening to the relaxing sound of the waves.

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