Linda M. Payeur

Association Manager

Linda has a wide-ranging and well-developed skill set, including advocacy, project and partnership management, budgeting, accounting, strategic planning, marketing communications, and mentorship. She works equally effectively in the public and private sectors with volunteer employees, memberships, and Boards of Directors. She brings a fresh perspective, proven industry expertise and know-how to her role in successfully managing some of Strauss’ clients.

Beyond her professional endeavors, Linda has a keen interest in travel and art. Whether it’s paintings, sculptures, or other forms of creative expression, she appreciates the beauty and diversity of the art world. This reflects her aesthetic sensibility and adds a cultural dimension to her personal life. She loves the great outdoors and enjoys activities like fishing, berry picking and relishing the tranquility and beauty of nature. Each summer she can be found attending the Blueberry Festival in her hometown of Sioux Lookout, Ontario. Her passion for outdoor exploration not only serves as a source of recreation but also contributes to her holistic well-being and creativity.

Linda is married with four children. She volunteers her time to a local dog rescue and has a lab named Sam.