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Kirsten Parker

Event Manager
(204) 975-9204

As a people person who prides herself on being a good listener, Kirsten makes one great event manager. Friendly and caring, she believes that building relationships is essential to being able to understand what people want and need. Kirsten has extensive experience working with associations to produce signature events and can build on existing relationships as well as build new connections by listening and responding to what clients want and need to make their businesses work.

For Kirsten, the best part of her job is the satisfaction of seeing all the planning come together when events are executed. After overcoming all the challenges, getting to see how excited planning committees, boards, speakers, and association members are to experience the event they have been planning for ages is what drives Kirsten to be great at what she does. Having worked for the Manitoba Marathon in the past, one of Kirsten’s proudest moments in her career was watching the kids participating in the Super Run cross the finish line. Knowing that she had contributed to the success and happiness that people felt completing their distances was extremely special for Kirsten.

Kirsten hosts and produces the podcast Women Run in Canada where she interviews Canadian women runners from elites to everyday community participants.

As her previous experience may imply, Kirsten loves to run. She enjoys running full and half marathons but doesn’t claim to be competitive. Kirsten takes joy in finding new places to run when she travels for races. When she’s not running for sport, Kirsten runs after her son and loves spending time with her family.