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Jen D. Kowaluk

Project Coordinator
(204) 975-8214

Jen has been supporting association success with Strauss for over 13 years. From event support to association management, we can count on Jen to deliver results. A desire to make personal connections with members combined with high level organization and communication skills equips Jen with a work ethic like no other.

While preparing for and attending board meetings, Jen loves getting to know individual members of the Winnipeg Executive Association. She spends her days communicating with members from several associations, responding to questions from the public, and liaising with various committees and boards. Utilizing her background in program directing and human behaviour Jen can overcome any challenge. She also holds a diploma in Hospitality & Tourism from Red River College and can skillfully coordinate various events while connecting with members on a personal level.

With over a decade of experience in association and event administration, Jen has an adept knowledge of the inner workings of the industry. A tenacious team player and collaborator, she is always willing to lend a helping hand and will always offer advice to her colleagues. Jen is appreciated for her knowledge, reliability, and her determination to complete tasks efficiently.

Jen is a natural-born baker; it’s in her blood. Her grandfather owned a bakery!

Jen lives a busy life in rural Manitoba with her two daughters, who are always clinging to and hanging off her. They enjoy playing outside, going to the park, baking, and cooking together. When Jen has free time, she indulges in her guilty pleasure of watching The Real Housewives series.

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